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    ... Since then, this 34-year-old East Orange, New Jersey, native has racked up an impressive list of movies, with two projects, The Cookout and Taxi, in theaters ...
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    ... writes David Wroe. As wearisome, never-ending sequels go, recent Medicare reform packages rival the Carry On movies. A Fairer Medicare ...
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    ... working with industry luminaries that bring the Company an A-List of established ... been responsible for several of the world's biggest blockbuster movies to date ...
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    ... "Scary movies have become a huge part of Halloween celebrations, so we put together this list of creepy films to help movie fans create a Creep Fest of their ...
  • Something wicked this way comes
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    ... The list of movies that simultaneously trigger the audience's anxious reflexes and reflect upon our susceptibility to anxiety could be expanded to include ...
This group of articles compose an alphabetical list of films with entries in Wikipedia (or films of significance which have references in Wikipedia even if no articles yet appear, such as Academy Award winning films, for example).

The words "a", "an", and "the" are ignored in the alphabetisation. For the time being, the division is not competely by letter, but by letter grouping. Requests for film entries can be found (and added) on the .

Wikipedia also categorizes films by genre, by year, by language and by decade:

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List of 1920s movies

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